We recently came across compelling data revealing a significant trend: a substantial portion of Gen Z avoids phone calls, opting for messaging apps like WhatsApp, Snapchat, etc. This shift is echoed by findings that only 15% of young people (16-24 years old) prefer phone calls, with a majority favoring instant messaging, which has seen a steep rise in preference over the last few years (GulfNews).

So, what does this mean for logistics businesses? Is it the end of traditional sales methods, or is a new opportunity awaiting? Please read below to find out our insights.

The Myth of ‘Logistics is Bought, Not Sold’

There is a widespread myth amongst some digital marketing and sales consultants that you need to create content, and shippers will contact a company if they see it worth their efforts. Nevertheless, we also provide marketing and public relations services. We need to bust this myth immediately: marketing strategies can help, of course, but active sales strategies are crucial. Without engaging directly in sales activities, logistics businesses cannot expect growth. The other myth in this category is that load boards are the best place to get customers. We agree that load boards can help, but traditional sales approaches are still better for generating the best-paying, long-term, premium-margin customers.

Is cold-calling dead, and is it not worth pursuing this option?

Our belliew it‘s quite the opossite. Sales reps who use phones during their outbound activities tend to be more effective—this is 100% true. However, with the right combination of email and LinkedIn activities, sales reps can achieve somewhat similar results.

The key here is the right combination. If reps send generic emails to a cold list, the response rates will be nearly zero. Generic LinkedIn outreach alone typically sees response rates between 1-3%. However, this approach can become much more effective if done correctly in combination with email. Adding phone calls to this formula can increase meeting counts by up to 8 times. This leads to more customers faster than only cold calling or using other channels separately!

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