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  • Tomas Ananjevas

  • Entrepreneuers identification code: 1102994
  • VAT code: LT100014432518

  • +37069880856


Future of your Supply Chain and Logistics begins with us

“Supply chain management – is my passion. Thanks to wide-ranging working experience within transportation, expedition, manufacturing and trading companies, I’m able to understand supply chain, logistics and sales concepts in a broad sense. I would be happy to share my knowledge with you in order to optimize your supply chains and sales processes.

I have experience within following sectors: Feed; Food; Oil products; wholesale and retail; Renewable’s; Chemical; Farming; Forwarding; Warehousing; Manufacturing.

Special knowledges: LEAN; LEAN SIX SIGMA; FOSFA; GAFTA; INCOTERMS; ISO; GMP+; Maritime Law, ATP convention; Excise good documentation; Transportation by sea, rail and land documentation; ADR convention; RID convention; Export, import, manufacturing risk management.


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