About “Supply Chain Services Bureau”

Hi, I’m Tomas Ananjevas, the founder of SUPPLY CHAIN SERVICES BUREAU.

I always love the “about me” page on websites,  because they’re written in the third person, even though the owner typically writes it.

We prefer a personal approach, and this is the core value for providing services.

Our main goal is not to sound smart at the written text but to provide tangible results to our customers operating in the supply chain industry.

Most of our clients understood that the traditional advisory approach found at the most significant consulting firm’s doesn’t work getting real results. And we agree with our customers.  We aren’t saying that they do not know, of course, they do, but the main reason for failure is:  those advisories are too smart to bother how the organizations will implement their advice. Furthermore, they are working with all sectors and providing solutions that should fit all industries, and solutions that meet all needs are hardly implemented and executed in the concrete industry.

That’s why the supply chain services bureau is working in the field of supply chain only.

The industry is changing rapidly; it’s tough for companies to cope up with the technologies, new business trends, and competition.  Shorter product life cycles, ever-increasing competition has limited error levels, to a minimum. Earlier businesses had more time to pivot if something went wrong; today’s world penalizes errors straight away.

At the Supply chain services bureau, we believe that business efficiency and the ability to react agile to the fast-changing business environment are core skills for Companies to win the competitive battle.

And our primary goal is to empower supply chain organizations and Logistics industries to compete better in this new ever-changing environment.


Our mission

To provide extraordinary services for logistics, trade, and manufacturing companies to save funds, increase revenue, optimize business processes, and help to adapt to the continually changing business environment flexibly.

Our vision

To reach the highest trust levels of our customers all over the world. Create an exclusive corporate culture that encourages employee engagement and openness to new ideas.


Return of investment


Positive client’s feedback


Average sales revenue increase


Average supply chains cost’s reduction

Meet our team


Future of your Supply Chain and Logistics begins with us

“Supply chain management – is my passion. Thanks to wide-ranging working experience within transportation, expedition, manufacturing and trading companies, I’m able to understand supply chain, logistics and sales concepts in a broad sense. I would be happy to share my knowledge with you in order to optimize your supply chains and sales processes.

I have experience within following sectors: Feed; Food; Oil products; wholesale and retail; Renewable’s; Chemical; Farming; Forwarding; Warehousing; Manufacturing.

Special knowledges: LEAN; LEAN SIX SIGMA; FOSFA; GAFTA; INCOTERMS; ISO; GMP+; Maritime Law, ATP convention; Excise good documentation; Transportation by sea, rail and land documentation; ADR convention; RID convention; Export, import, manufacturing risk management.


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