Logistics company leaders on the marketing journey often ponder the next steps. The logical progression is the alignment of sales and marketing processes, an advanced strategy that proves most effective for new business development. While this strategy entails significant expenses, including the need for a tech stack and restructuring revenue generation models, it is particularly potent for large logistics organizations aiming for accelerated expansion.

Here are key statistics that underscore the effectiveness of this strategy:

The studies are showing that:

Highly-aligned organizations witness a 32% year-over-year revenue growth, while less-aligned competitors experience a 7% decrease (Source: Aberdeen).
Highly aligned companies are 15% more profitable (Source: Forrester).
Businesses with strong sales and marketing alignment are 67% more effective at closing deals and 58% better at retaining customers (Source: LinkedIn).
Highly aligned teams drive 208% more revenue from their marketing efforts (Source: LinkedIn).

To expedite and streamline this alignment for your organization, we offer a comprehensive approach:

  • Sales and Marketing process audit
  • Buyers’ personas creation
  • New revenue generation structure creation
  • Development of shared goals and objectives
  • Creation of shared KPIs
  • Content and support strategy and plan
  • Choosing the right technology
  • Setting up a team communication plan and platform
  • Reflection plan for continual improvements

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