Every logistics business owner and entrepreneur faces a myriad of challenges daily, given the rapidly evolving business environment. Implementing new sales and marketing strategies is imperative to ensure a consistent influx of new customers. Furthermore, excellent logistics services are inherently tied to exceptional service levels. Therefore, differentiating from the competition often hinges on delivering extraordinary services.

Studies indicate significant gaps in the industry:

The studies are showing that:

80% of logistics service providers lack a developed and executed digital marketing strategy.
90% do not have a written sales process and struggle to identify areas for improvement.
90% haven’t identified their unique value propositions and key differentiators.
95% do not measure customer-oriented KPIs, hindering their understanding of service quality.

These shortcomings limit a company’s growth potential. At the Supply Chain Services Bureau, we specialize in assisting logistics service providers in implementing and executing strategies that elevate sales and service levels to unprecedented heights.

Leaders in the logistics industry turn to us for proven methods to add new deals to their pipelines. Whether seeking ways to leverage digital marketing, sales, and customer relationship strategies or aiming to expand services while ensuring high quality, our expertise guides them.

We cater to a diverse range of logistics service providers, including:

  • 3PL/4PL/5PL

  • logistics tech companies

  • trucking companies

  • sea and air carriers

  • railroad companies

  • freight forwarding companies

  • warehousing/handling companies

  • expedited services providers,

  • brokerage services providers

  • e-commerce logistics services providers

  • postal and last-mile service providers

By addressing these specific challenges and needs within the logistics sector, we empower companies to effectively unlock their full growth potential.

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Guarantee of at least a 4x Return on Investment (ROI)


Achieve project implementation in half the time compared to companies serving multiple verticals


Experience a 100% reduction in the sales cycle


Expedite new business development activities by 150%

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