The evolution of customers’ journeys over the past decade has been substantial. Today, customers demand convenience, speed, and prefer engaging with socially aware and trustworthy partners. Considering the extended customer journey, lacking a customer relationship strategy and neglecting to measure customer-related Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) can impede your organization’s ability to interact with customers at all stages as they prefer, increasing the risk of losing existing customers. Given the difficulty of acquiring customers in the logistics industry and the potentially high lifetime value of a customer, ensuring customer satisfaction is a top priority for every logistics company.

At Supply Chain Services Bureau, we can assist you in assessing your current service levels, identifying areas for improvement, and creating a change and measurement plan. Our services include:

  • Service level audit

  • Team-level audit

  • Service level benchmarking

  • Service level improvement plan creation

  • Team training plan creation

  • Choosing technology for easier execution and benchmarking

  • Customer-related KPIs measurement system creation

  • Documented strategy creation

Our professional team ensures that your customers are well-cared for in the right and cost-effective manner. To find out more, book a call with us today.

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