Marketing and public relationships are still a tough cookie for #Logistics companies. Working with Logistics companies, I’ve noticed that most logistics companies are still looking with caution to #marketing and #publicrelationships. I think there are two main reasons why this is happening. First, they believe it will not pay off; therefore, many hit the pause button here. And secondly, they think that this kind of service costs big stacks of money.

Nevertheless, for the above reasons, more and more logistics companies are starting to do something in this field. Although the steps are still incremental, and many mistakes are made in this field (you can read more about 13 content mistakes here.), the process is in a positive direction.

So I thought to share two highly profitable reasons why logistics companies need to invest in marketing activities. And why this is the best time to start doing this.

#1 Your #competitors most likely aren’t doing anything in this field

From the analysis that we have done ( of course, we weren’t able to check every logistics company, but the correlation is quite strong here), only 1 out of 10 logistics companies are doing their marketing and public relationships in a good way. But, at the same time, 9 companies either do not do anything or do this in a wrong way.

Business logic is simple. If no one is doing this, then the first ones will get massive benefits. And if you would look at any high-growth logistics company in the world (Arrive Logistics, Lynch Logistics, Zen cargo, etc.), you would see that they all are great at marketing and public relationships. And If you would look at any other successful business in the world, you will see that marketing plays a crucial role in such companies’ activities.

In other words, there is a massive opportunity for logistics businesses to invest in such activities and eventually take business away from competitors that aren’t doing anything in this field.

Why I’m so sure?

Let’s consider two identical logistics companies, with the same quality level, with more or less similar price levels. One company waits for the business to come from referrals and does 100 calls to potential customers weekly. At the same time, another company has a 3000 audience on LinkedIn and a 10000 email newsletter list. It interacts with this audience weekly by creating quality content that creates value for its potential customers. In addition, this company uses analytics and gets in touch with companies that interact with their produced content and offers help.

Which company has more chances to get more customers?

The answer is, of course, the second company because it will reach a bigger audience and does more qualified touches with potential customers, compared to the first company. And the second company will not only get new customers faster but will create professional brand awareness and position itself as a thought leader in its niche.

#2 Ability to differentiate

The second part relates to the ability to differentiate yourself from the competition. Usually, logistics businesses face difficulties with differentiation from the competition.

For example, let’s take any five identical-sized #freightforwarders and ask them: what are your core #differentiators? And you will most likely get the following answers: Best customer service, 24/7 communication, fast problem solving, fast quoting, industry knowledge, etc. And you can take any logistics niche and ask the same question, and you will see a similar situation, that Everyone’s sales points are the same. This proves that there aren’t any critical differentiators in the industry.

And with the proper marketing and public relationships strategies, organizations can differentiate from the competition. With the right content strategy, your organization can build thought leadership in your niche and stipulate advocacy around your brand. Being #different is crucial for any business that wants to grow faster and bet premium margins.

So those were two main reasons logistics companies need to invest in marketing (you can find more on this topic here). In conclusion, I want to emphasize that proper marketing and P&R activities can bring much more extensive than average #roi in the market because there are fewer competitors than in other industries. As a result, we have success stories where logistics companies realize 4800 % ROI. And this is really amazing.

And most likely, you think this kind of service costs a big stack of money. But the answer is no. Building a full-stack marketing team in-house could cost you a fortune, but we recommend you outsource this part to save CAPEX.

And if you are looking for a marketing agency that could help you to dominate your niche, let’s arrange a call today, and we will find the best suitable option for you. We work exceptionally with logistics companies, bringing much more value than other agencies. Moreover, we have packages that fit any size of business.

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