Hey there, my beloved subscribers. Let’s talk about the main money machine for the logistics industry. And it’s Linkedin

The best part of using the platform is that organizations and individuals can get leads that convert into paying customers more accurately and quickly than with any other tool. Linkedin is also an unparalleled branding channel where individuals and companies can work on brand awareness and build thought leadership in their niche quickly and cost-effectively.

It’s so popular because Linkedin brings value to any size organization. This tool works exceptionally well for small organizations or solopreneurs who entered the business recently, and no one knows about them. For example, small freight brokers who just started in the industry usually struggle to get new customers because no one knows about them. As the competitive environment is harsh, this is a great tool that helps to differentiate yourself from others and build brand awareness. Big or multinational organizations use Linkedin to fasten their new business developement and work on various branding and employee attraction initiatives. Nonprofit organizations collect charity. In other words, it is a super versatile platform.

So what is possible with Linkedin?

Getting huge audiences to your company branding or promotional events with zero ad spend is possible. For example, please see the picture of my recent event.

Linkedin event

As you can see, 1650 logistics professionals pushed the button to attend. In other words, 1650 emails were entered into my email list. Some of them have become customers right after the event, more significant, the more prominent part will become customers within 1-2 years.

It’s also possible to grow Linkedin newsletter lists with zero spent on ads and gifts. For example, my newsletter is organically growing at an average pace of 1000 subscribers a month.

It’s not super fast, I could do more to speed up signups, but at the moment, it’s more than enough for me.

Those in marketing know that newsletters are one of the best ways to build authority and warm up your prospects. Usually, when I invite prospects from newsletters to the conversation, I receive answers like Sure, I read your newsletter; it’s great. Or recently, one prospect said, I put your newsletter on to learning material page. In other words, it’s a powerful tool. One tip here is do not aim for likes, as you can’t eat them. Creating content with as much value as possible is a far better option, which is super important when selling professional services.

With Linkedin, It’s possible to get customers with 0 spent on ads or databases. Linkedin has one of the best databases in the world, you can reach anyone in the world with it. And the best part here is that you can work globally.

In tandem with sales tactics, LinkedIn can help to slash sales cycles 2-4 times. I would say the correct usage of this channel with the combination of sales tactics has a somewhat similar effect as referrals. I would say it’s the third best way to get customers fast, after word of mouth and referrals.

So the question to my readers is: Are you maximizing Linkedin?

I’ve noticed that many of my connections are curious about how they stand out on Linkedin, whether their teams do a great job, whether they are on a budget with their marketing activities, etc.

And you are not alone here. When I started using Linkedin, I had a lot of questions related to this platform and how I stand out in it, and finding answers wasn’t easy. And it isn’t easy now as well.

So I thought to create an easy tool where my subscribers, connections, and piers could get an easy-to-understand benchmark and would find out how they are doing.

If you want to find out how strong your Linkedin game is, take this 2 min quiz, and get the answer.

Additionally to that, you will get a few tips on what you could do to improve your Linkedin activities.

It’s super easy and not over complicated, so just hit the link below and get the answer.

I want to find out how strong my Linkedin game is?

And if you would like to screen possibilities on how to incorporate Linkedin in your business/employee/branding developement activities in a more detailed way. Please choose a convenient time to talk with me.

I usually see two scenarios working with the logistics business. In some cases, organizations do too little and get no results. In another case, and the worst one, some organizations have built substantial marketing teams, which do content marketing, event marketing, and email marketing, but get 1-5 leads a month. In another word, the lead cost is enormously high. It’s important to understand that you can’t eat likes and impressions. If you do not get results, you need to fix your system. The good news is that in most cases, only small fixes are required. You can find out more about mistakes here. 

Please check and fix my sales developement and marketing process.

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Thomas Ananjevas is a supply chain professional with 15 years of experience purchasing and selling Logistic’s services and building a supply chain from scratch. He founded a consulting, training, and staffing company that works exclusively with the logistics industry. Thomas is helping logistics companies implement the necessary changes to ensure business growth and continuity. You can arrange a time to talk with tomas by clicking here.

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