Why some transport brokers are able to generate huger sales, while others don’t, nevertheless they have the same starting positions? There aren’t any easy answer of course, as there can be a lot of reasons, but in my opinion, the major ones are delaying taking action and absence of right attitude to network development. Basically, we all understand that in order to sell more, you need to do more, nevertheless we all try to find the easiest way, the one success formula – and we end up cold calling in the hope one day to succeed. In other word’s we are counting that we will be lucky. Of course, luck isn’t the least important thing in the sales process, there are times when you reached out the client at the right time when they really need your service badly. But as you may understand, those calls are rare, and that luck and even a good customer from which you were earning a lot earlier, at some point will end. Therefore, more effort is needed to achieve constant sales growth.

The Seven principles for sales growth   

I will underline few principles for sales growth bellow, if you will constantly improve them, sales growth will be achieved. Why do I uses term – principles and do not talk about sales techniques? Because I sincerely believe that most sales techniques don’t reach the goal, and doesn’t create a long-term result. Of course, if you don’t expect a long-term cooperation (as you know that the transport brokers profitability is highly dependable from repeat sales) than techniques can be effective. However, if you expect a long-lasting cooperation, then firstly you need to think about principles and afterward, you can model sales techniques to better achieve those principles.

The seven main principles in transport brokers business:

  • You need to solve your customer’s problems in the most efficient way. In most cases, sales managers do forget that this is the main reason, and you receive commissions first of all because you are solving customer’s problems, so you need to keep solving them. By this I mean, that in most cases you need to forward your customer’s cargo in the most efficient way and by doing this you need to eliminate risk, save your customers time and do this better than your competition.

  • You must be a professional in your field, you must be trusted. Often this is the biggest loophole for service providers. If you are not a professional in your field, then you will immediately enter into a common competitors nest, in which are only those who do not differentiate from others, and to whom clients refer when there are no other decent options available. I would insist you no to be the later ones. Keep up to date with your specialty, acquire market knowledge, furthermore acquire all other information which is important for your business, and share this knowledge with your customers. In the ideal case, you need to become the one partner for your customers, which is reached out for information or consultation.

  • You need to believe in the service you sell. The belief and confidence of your provided services, decreases with each unsuccessful attempt to sell, afterward you start to look for excuses, you try to convince yourself that this is the fault of the customer, the firm witch you are working at, the price, the service and etc. You need to understand one simple thing – you are an important supply chains participant, and you will find the answer why you aren’t succeeding if you will look for one, furthermore, you will notice that after eliminating those blocks you will sell more and the confidence will come back.

  • The sales process needs to be simple, clear, measurable and proactive. Nothing p.. of.. Customer more than complicated services and long time spent on acquiring them. Your sales process must be simple, clear and best suited for your customers. And in order to develop your sales skills, you need to benchmark your achievements, track conversion rates and try to constantly increase it.

  • Understand the psychological attributes of your clients, and why are they avoiding working with you. Your sales don’t begin and end with a simple service: you need transportation services, I can provide, no it’s more complicated like that. You need not to forget that the buying process is inspired by emotions, that’s why you need to identify them and know how to work with each. I understand that transportation looks like a dry land, nevertheless, there are ways to make it more emotional for the client.

  • You need to know your strengths and weaknesses and market it correctly. Successful service begins with the identification of your strong and week sides. And they are always different, for example: if you are a huge player in the market, you may say that you are able to provide on time, nevertheless you will less flexible, and if you are a smaller market player than vice versa you are more flexible but not so reliable. Or maybe you are working with niche transportation services and this is your advantage. It’s important to understand that every participant in the market has their own strengths and weaknesses, and the most important part here: to communicate your strengths efficiently.

  • You must become a good habit for your client. If you will succeed in becoming your customers’ habit, from this point you can forget the sales techniques, you will be pardoned cargo delays and other smaller mistakes, and most importantly you will get a better price for your services. In order to achieve this, you must use and develop all the principles mentioned above, besides, you need to do more for your clients the competition does.

I have outlined some principles that can lead to good results in the sales of transport services or in another sector where re-purchases are important. The rule of thumb: in order to succeed you need to be prepared to do more than it’s required from you and does not stop improving yourself.

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