Logistics Sales Ninja Academy

Logistics Sales Ninja Academy


Best sales results in the field of logistics services sales happen in a combination of supply chain and logistics knowledge, sales skills, and consistency in your actions. All those traits can’t be gained in a single day or a few days of training. To become a top player in the sales arena, getting constant training and coaching is crucial because knowledge needs to transition into action and then into a habit. Getting constant coaching is quite an expensive venue; therefore, we came up with an online group coaching program.

This online live course is built for professionals who want to become top players. During a period of 3 months working with us, you will have all the knowledge and tools to become a better salesman and understand how to use the consultative approach in order not to be seen as one another’s sales rep and get more profitable customers faster and without stress.




1st module. Business acumen.

In this module, we will dive deep into various supply chain and logistics management aspects so that participants will better understand what tradeoffs shippers usually make, how they choose logistics service providers, and what they are paying attention to when choosing logistics partners. We will cover topics like the newest supply chain strategies implemented by trading and manufacturing organizations, the newest supply chain trends, the newest logistics trends, changing requirements, and much more. With the help of this knowledge, we will build opportunity chains for various industries like Automotive, chemicals, Agriculture, FMCG, Food, and others. This knowledge will lead you toward more meaningful conversations with potential and existing customers.

2nd module. Sales process and Role play sessions.

In this module, we will walk through all the sales process phases (Prospecting, researching a company, Connecting and qualifying leads, Attending the meeting, Presentation, and proposal creation, handling objections, Closing, and follow-up); we will identify the best practices and mistakes of each state. Moreover, we will create all pitches and sales messages, and we will talk about technology that makes you more efficient. In other words, participants will get all the necessary knowledge and tools to succeed in their sales activities. The knowledge will be practically tested during role-play sessions.

3rd module. Real-life implementation.

In this module, we will implement the knowledge we have learned with real-life customers. You will get homework, and each week, we will meet and check how participants are doing, answer all questions they have, and guide them in the right direction. During this module, we will make sure that the tactics and strategies you have learned will stick with you for a longer time, eventually forming consistent actions.


For the first 4 weeks, we will meet every working day for 2.5-hour sessions. In this period, we will cover the first two models.

For the upcoming 8-week period, we will meet 2 times a week to have 4-hour sessions. In this period, we will cover the third module.


  • Secure more appointments with qualified prospects.
  • Utilize a multi-channel selling approach to secure more qualified meetings with hard-to-reach prospects.
  • Craft sales materials (elevator pitches, follow-up messages, commercial offers, and other materials) that will differentiate them from 98% of logistics services sales representatives. • Conduct proactive sales meetings that lead to closing deals.
  • Progress opportunities and maintain pipeline velocity.
  • Overcome buying objections and negotiate effectively.
  • Devise a long-term follow-up plan for top prospects.
  • Avoid sales process mistakes to ensure a fun and effortless execution.
  • Efficiently manage time and other sales activities to enhance productivity.


  • Tailored for logistics companies and professionals in brokerage, freight forwarding, expedited, 3PL/4PL
  • Instructor with 15 years of practical experience in selling and buying logistics services
  • Real-life logistics procurement stories to illustrate successful business acquisition strategies


This course is exclusively designed for account managers employed by a range of logistics service providers, including trucking companies, freight forwarding companies, third-party logistics providers, and similar entities. It is also suitable for professionals working as subcontractors for major logistics corporations such as XPO, DSV, Shenker, or any organization striving to deliver exceptional service experiences to their customers.


Customer satisfaction is our top priority, backed by a 14-day money-back policy. If you are dissatisfied with the content within 14 days, simply email us for a full refund.


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