Building an Exceptional Logistics brand on LinkedIn Fast

Building an Exceptional Logistics brand on LinkedIn Fast


Join us for a live and interactive workshop where you’ll discover the secrets of leveraging LinkedIn to create a powerful company and personal brand for your logistics business. Learn how to stand out from the competition, capture the attention of shippers, and convert them into paying customers.

As a sales and branding tool, LinkedIn is unparalleled in its effectiveness. This versatile platform can be utilized throughout the entire buying journey to distinguish yourself from competitors, engage prospects, and rapidly establish thought leadership in the industry, all at a cost-effective pace. By incorporating LinkedIn’s strategies into your sales process, both individuals and organizations can expect swift gains, monetizing their efforts almost immediately.

Despite its incredible potential, many logistics companies fail to harness the full power of LinkedIn. Those who become early adopters of this platform stand to achieve tremendous results by seamlessly integrating LinkedIn into their branding and business development processes.

In this virtual, instructor-led workshop, you’ll gain insights into leveraging LinkedIn to build thought leadership and set yourself apart from the competition. Learn how to keep your stakeholders engaged throughout the entire marketing cycle, and discover ways to align this powerful channel with sales to accelerate new business development and increase the lifetime value of existing customers.

Led by a master sales trainer and coach, this course is delivered live in a virtual classroom environment. You are not just a participant; you are encouraged to actively interact with your facilitator, ask questions, gain additional insights, and receive personalized coaching.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to transform your logistics brand on LinkedIn. Join our workshop and unlock the potential for rapid growth and success in the dynamic world of logistics. Reserve your spot now!





  • Creating a LinkedIn Algorithm-Friendly Company Page
  • Crafting LinkedIn Strategies for Different Goals and Audiences
  • Content Strategies for Your Company Profile
  • Avoiding Common Mistakes in Content Creation
  • Finding Your Company’s Unique Voice on LinkedIn
  • Techniques for Increasing Reach
  • Measurement of LinkedIn Efforts
  • Maximizing Returns with LinkedIn Campaign Manager
  • Actionable Plan for Independent Implementation
  • Writing Posts and Content to Attract Ideal Customers


  • Importance of Building a Personal Brand
  • Crafting an Extraordinary LinkedIn Algorithm-Friendly Profile
  • Discovering Your Personal Voice on LinkedIn
  • Algorithm for Building Engaging Personal Posts
  • Balancing Reach without Appearing Cheap
  • Analysis of Good and Bad Examples
  • Tools for Building Your Personal Brand Faster: Newsletters, Groups, Hashtags, Events
  • Time-Saving Tools


  • Aligning LinkedIn Strategy with Sales Strategy
  • Generating Qualified Leads through LinkedIn
  • LinkedIn Sales Formula: LinkedIn + Email + Phone = Success
  • Aligning Content with the Buyer’s Journey


  • Tailored for Logistics Companies and Professionals in the Logistics Industry
  • Alignment of Communication and Marketing with the Sales Process
  • Instructor with 15 Years of Practical Experience in Selling and Buying Logistics Services


  • Designed for anyone working with customers, with a focus on public relations, marketing, business development, and sales roles
  • Suited for senior positions (Directors, VPs, CXOs, Managers) as well as junior or entry-level positions seeking enhanced communication skills on LinkedIn.


Your peace of mind is our top priority. We offer a 14-day money-back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with what you hear, see, and learn, simply email us within 14 days, and we will refund your payment.

If your goal is to enhance the positioning of your company or yourself, this workshop is the perfect opportunity for you. Join us and unlock the strategies to stand out on LinkedIn, captivate your audience, and achieve lasting success in the logistics industry. Don’t miss this chance to elevate your brand and boost your career. All you need to do is add this training to your cart by pressing the add to cart button on the top of this page.

What’s Included:

  • Access your courses with a computer, tablet, or smartphone

  • Session Recording

  • Completion Certificate


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