Building an Exceptional Logistics brand on LinkedIn Fast


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In this live, interactive workshop, you’ll learn how logistics businesses and individuals can leverage Linkedin to create a powerful company and personal brand to stand out from the competition, grab shippers’ attention, and convert them into paying customers.

As a sales and branding tool, LinkedIn is unparalleled.

Linkedin is versatile and may be leveraged throughout the buying journey to stand out from competitors, engage prospects, and build thought leadership in the industry quickly and cost-effectively. Using Linkedin, organizations and individuals can expect fast gains because they can immediately incorporate Linkedin’s strategy into the sales process to monetize their efforts.

No other communication channel can rival its results. Yet, many Logistics companies aren’t using this channel properly. Early adopters stand to generate tremendous results by blending Linkedin into their branding and business development processes.

In this virtual instructor-led workshop, you’ll learn how to leverage LinkedIn to build thought leadership in the industry and differentiate from the competition. Moreover, you will learn how to keep your stakeholders engaged throughout the entire marketing cycle. And we will show you how to align this channel with sales to speed up new business developement and increase existing customers’ lifetime value.

This course is delivered live in a virtual classroom environment by a master sales trainer and coach.

You are encouraged to interact with your facilitator to ask questions, gain additional insight, and for coaching.

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  • Creating Linkedin Algorithm friendly companies page
  • Creating LinkedIn strategies for different kinds of goals and audiences
  • What content to share in your company’s profile?
  • Avoiding mistakes with your content
  • How to find your company’s voice on Linkedin?
  • Techniques that will increase reach
  • How to measure your Linkedin efforts?
  • How to use Linkedin campaign manager: How to ensure maximum returns?
  • You will get a clear action plan, which you can use by yourself
  • How to write posts and content to attract your ideal customers.


  • Why it’s essential to build a personal brand? How do you do this correctly?
  • How to create an extraordinary Linkedin algorithms-friendly profile?
  • How to find your voice on Linkedin?
  • Algorithm for building engaging posts
  • Reach is important, but when you are creating a logistics professionals brand, it’s important not to look cheap
  • Good and Bad examples analysis
  • Tolls for building your brand faster: Newsletters, groups, hashtags, Events.
  • Which tools to use for time-saving.


  • You can’t eat Likes. Therefore, aligning your Linkedin strategy with your sales strategy is crucial.
  • How to generate qualified leads with the help of Linkedin
  • Linkedin Sales Formula
  • Linkedin + Email + Phone = Bomb
  • Aligning your content with buyers’ journey.


This course is adopted for logistics companies and professionals working in the logistics industry

This course aligns communication and marketing with the sales process

The lector has 15 years of experience selling and buying logistics services. Therefore, the course has immense practical value.


Everyone working with customers can get value from this workshop. Although it fits the best positions working with public relationships, marketing, business developement, and sales will find the most value from it. Although this workshop is meant for senior positions (Director, VP, CXO, Managers), junior or entry-level positions will also find value, as they will better understand how to communicate with customers using Linkedin.


The peace of mind of our customers is a top priority. Therefore, we provide you with 14 days money return policy.

If you do not like what you hear, see, and learn, email us within 14 days, and we will refund your payment.

What’s Included:

  • Access your courses with a computer, tablet, or smartphone

  • Session Recording

  • Completion Certificate


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