Theory + Examples + Workshop

If you have attended lots of general sales trainings and haven’t received positive results, this training is for you.

We are offering sales increasing training which is tailored specifically for sales of logistics services. You will get a 10-hour material based on 10 years’ experience which will increase both the sales of your sales department and the level of your service.

The benefits which your company and employees will gain:

  • You will find out about the effective sales process which generates the hugest conversion
  • We will generate technology strategy for your company which is best for logistics companies
  • We will teach you how not to be afraid of competition and how to forget ‘small company`s syndrome’ forever
  • We will teach you how to evolve from ‘cold’ communication with your clients (‘Cold Calls’, ‘Cold Letters’, ‘Cold Social Communication’) into ‘hot’ ones and how to achieve the biggest conversion
  • We will evaluate personal qualities which are needed in order so sell more
  • We will list communication mistakes which prevent from selling more and we will provide successive examples
  • We will list major reasons which interfere with selling more