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Company CEOs, Supply chain, and logistics executives revert to us when they need to lower the supply chain costs and are searching for ways to create a competitive advantage.

It’s not enough to only deliver the merchandise to your Customer any more. You need to do this faster, cheaper, more convenient, or by paying more attention to the environment, than your competition does. Studies are showing that speed, convenience, and sustainability are becoming the deciding factors when customers decide to buy from you or not. That’s why effective or responsive supply chain strategies are gaining more significance in the value chain.

Supply chain costs can sum up to 5-40% of the total product’s price. It is a significant budget line that needs proper attention.

The business environment is and will be changing rapidly and continuously. It becomes tough to standalone cope up with those changes. We help companies to optimize their supply chain, logistics processes, and services. Furthermore, we adjust those processes, so they fit today’s tendencies and your business model in the best possible way. By doing this, we decrease your expenditures and increase ROI.

We are not one yet another consultancy firm that applies traditional management models, and we do not say that we know what is best for your supply chain and logistics. In most cases, this does not give any positive outcomes. Our goal is to show how collaboration between structural units and process optimization or process elimination can increase efficiency and fund saving. In all stages of our services, we are seeking for cooperation.

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We are walking the walk not just talking the talk. Boutique consultancy which will do all it takes to meet your expectations


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Overall supply chain cost reduction of 15%


Overal labor cost reduction of 40 %


At least four times Return on Investment.

Supply chain network design

Today’s supply chains have become a complex place to operate. Global supply chains, omnichannel, strategies alignment, LEAN, supply chain robustness, and agility become the buzzwords for the modern supply chain organization.

Having in mind all the disruptions and tensions seen in the political, business, and environmental arena, the robustness of the supply chain is a must for most companies.

Before the robust and agile supply chain is built, companies need to answer a lot of questions:

  • Outsource, Offshore, or nearshore manufacturing?

  • Where to build a distribution center?

  • Outsource or in-house Logistics services?

  • What type of distribution network to choose?

  • What type of delivery mode to choose?

  • Where to build a warehouse?

  • How to tailor the supply chain network to create a competitive advantage?

  • How to choose a perfect location for the global supply chain?

  • How to align the supply chain, logistics, procurement, and operation strategies?

  • How to manage risk?

  • How to measure the effectiveness of the supply chain network?

To answer all the questions, companies need to have a powerful modeling program or a lot of capable analysts in house.

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At the supply chain services bureau, we will help to answer all the above questions and find the right model for your operations, which will create a long-term competitive advantage.
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Logistics audit

Logistics costs can sump up into 10-30% of total expenditure. It’s one of the most significant budget lines for a company.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of inefficiencies in the procurement of logistics services.

The ever-changing logistics environment increases the risk that companies are overpaying or oppositely paying lesser and loosing in the Operating margin.

Moreover, most companies do not pay attention to other risks involved like perished, destroyed, decreased quality or volume, freight price versus forwarders possibility to manage risk factors when transporting your goods and others.

It’s crucial not to forget that if shippers miss some procedures when an accident occurs, the insurance may not cover the losses. Furthermore, not all damages are covered by insurance companies. Therefore, it’s essential to know how to manage the risks involved in transporting the goods.

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The Supply chain services bureau can assist your company by providing you with Logistics price and risk audit.

We will identify if you are paying the correct cost for the equivalent service level. We will help to decide which transportation mode to select to optimize the operating margin. We will help to Identify does your company manage risk at all logistic stages. We will show you what kind of KPIs to implement into your operations to manage risk and save logistics costs.

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Cost to serve

If companies do not know how much does it cost to serve a customer as per each logistics channel and product, there is a considerable chance that a lot of funds are lost.

Foreword-thinking companies realize the importance of performing cost to serve analysis, as this increases profitability.

To find out your cost to serve is not as easy as it looks. There are a lot of variables involved, like shared costs, logistics, distribution, supply chain costs, overhead costs, and more.

What happens at most of the organizations, they are unable to divide profitable products form unprofitable products.

The analysis performed different industries are saying:

  • that 20% of all products delivered to customers are unprofitable

  • And that 10% of customers are unprofitable.

  • Nevertheless, companies deliver the unprofitable product’s to customers at the same price and volume year after year.

  • Knowing the cost to serve by each product and Customer, organizations can make pivotal decisions to increase their profitability.

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Choosing the right technology

There are still a lot of costly inefficiencies and waste within supply chains.

We are not far away from the total supply chain automation, which will eliminate most of the inefficiencies and manual work.

The ever-evolving technologies like robotics, AI, big data analytics, the internet of things, and cloud are creating significant possibilities for organizations to leverage their supply chains at a level that was never possible before.

Companies can now automate their manual functions, increase profitability, and create a competitive advantage by implementing the right technology within their operations.

Unfortunately, there is no single solution that would fit all organizations.

Technology depends on individual needs and situations.

Choosing the right technology is time and knowledge consuming process.

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We are here to help you choose the best fitting technologies for your Organization.

The supply chain services bureau knows almost all solutions for supply chain organizations; therefore, we can save your time and eliminate costly errors.

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Suppliers auditing

The importance of sustainability, traceability, and quality requirements are growing every day.

It’s five-ten times cheaper to maintain a customer than to search for another and twenty times less expensive than bring back a lost client.

The quality of services provided and products manufactured is highly dependable from suppliers, vendors, and other value chain participants.

The crucial role for every business is to guarantee material safety at all tiers of they’re suppliers.

The second most important part is to make sure that suppliers have implemented all needed procedures as per inner buyers’ sourcing and quality requirements.

And the third part is to be sure that suppliers will not go bankrupt or perform fraud.

Auditing is a crucial part of making sure that your suppliers are performing as per contract requirements.

Furthermore, audits need to be performed by professionals without preconception.

That’s why a third independent part best achieves auditing activities.

At the supply chain services bureau, we make sure that the contractual procedures were not only paper-based but implemented in your supplier’s everyday operations. We are ensuring compliance with requirements at each manufacturing and trade stage.

The Supply chain service bureau is performing the following auditing services:

  • Compliance with GTP, GMP+, and ISCC

  • Feed, food safety procedures compliance

  • Traceability compliance

  • Compliance with HACCP

  • Contract requirements conformity

  • Quality requirement conformity

  • On-site auditing.

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